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My name is Chris Tilbury and I grew up in Fremont, Indiana. Since a young child I have enjoyed the game of golf. Growing up on the golf course, I would play from sunrise to sunset. I would read anything about golf to gain as much knowledge as I could. I was fortunate to take lessons from Gary Robinson at the Foundation Golf Center and worked at Lake James Golf Club inside. With the support of my family I was able play some of the best courses and had success in high school and college. After graduating from Fremont High School, I attended Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana. In 2018, I was inducted into the Bethel College Hall of Fame. After graduating college, I tried to play golf for a living and decided that there were a ton of great players out there and I enjoyed teaching and club fitting.

This is when I decided that I wanted to be a PGA Professional. In 2012, I was elected into membership of the PGA of America. Through my training to be a golf instructor, I always had to answer the question of WHY would I suggest the change to the student. This was a great lesson for myself, as I had to be able to answer why this was the correct solution instead of giving the student a change for no reason. I have been able to teach students from raw beginners, to competitive golfers. I feel it is my job to work with my students to create a custom game plan that both of us can see success in. It is important that the student buys into the program.

Another great passion of mine is science. This has drove my passion for club fitting. There are so many things that we can change in golf clubs to make them custom fit for the customer. Custom fitting can help every person! My goal is to fit the student in clubs that give them the results they are looking for. Custom fit clubs will also allow you to be more consistent.

I am very lucky to be surrounded by family. We moved back to Coldwater, Michigan after our son was born last May. It has been great to be surrounded by family during this move. My wife and I enjoy downhill skiing, golfing, and spending time on the lake.

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