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TEAM GOLF at the Foundation Golf Center

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

We are introducing a new program this summer at the Foundation Golf Center. It is what we are calling Team Golf. Team Golf consist of three different levels, Team PAR, Team BIRDIE, Team EAGLE. The ages and commitment level changes for each team.

Team Golf is unique as it will include practice time, tracked performance, as well as instruction in both a group setting as well as private instruction. The practice consist of different drills, competitions, and time working with a PGA professional in a group setting. The students will also learn how to create efficient practices for themselves. We will track the performance using Flightscope, video analysis, and short game competitions. We will do different performance objectives at the beginning of each month showing how the student's golf game has progressed. During the practice, they will also be receiving group instruction.

Each month, in addition to the practices, the students will receive private instruction that they schedule outside practice. This helps the student with individual problems that they may be having in their game as well as help them with a performance objective that they are struggling with. This will also add efficiency and meaningful practice time during each observed practices.

  • Team PAR will be for kids age 9-12. They will practice three times, and receive a 30 minute private lesson each month. Practices will be one hour during the months of February and March. $150 (6 hours group instruction, 1 hour private instruction)

  • Team BIRDIE will be for kids age 12-15. They will practice four times, and receive a 30 minute private lesson each month. Practices will be one hour during the months of January through March. $240 (12 Hours Group Instruction, 1 hour private instruction)

  • Team EAGLE will be kids 15-Senior in High School. They will practice six times, and receive an hour private lesson each month. Practices will be 1 1/2 hours and run November-February. $549 (36 hours of group instruction, 4 hours private instruction)

The practices for each level will be at designated times. It will be up to each student to schedule the private lesson each month.

If you have any questions about these programs I would be happy to speak more with you about this program. Please feel free to email me at

Play your best golf, by getting help from a PGA Professional.

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