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Do Your Clubs Fit You?

Do your golf clubs fit you and your golf game? What is the most important piece of equipment to be fit? Do you have to spend a lot of money to be fit? What can you expect after you get properly fit? These are all questions that are asked by my students on a daily basis. Let's start at the top and answer the questions one by one.

Do your golf clubs fit you and your golf game?

Do you get the results that you feel that you deserve? This is the simplest question I ask my students. Typically I get that puzzled look on their face, much like I am sure I am getting from you. Think about it this way, have you ever hit what feels like perfect contact only to see the ball fly off line? Have you ever hit a ball that feels really solid and it does not fly the correct distance? Do you outdrive all your playing partners only to hit two extra clubs into the green because you do not hit your irons as far as they do? These are all hints that your clubs may not be fit properly for your game. A test that you can do with your irons is draw a line goes 1/2 way around the ball. Place the ball on the ground with the line in a vertical manner and hit the ball. How and where does the line show up on the club face. It should be perfectly up and down in the center of the club face. There are several factors that can cause that line not to be in the right spot or the correct orientation, but most of the time they are because of poorly fit clubs.

What is the most important piece of equipment to be fit?

The most important piece of equipment to be fit for is the golf ball. That golf ball is going to be used by every shot. When fitting a golf ball you need to know what you are looking for out of a golf ball. Some people like a soft feeling golf ball that spins around the green. These softer golfballs that spin can be up to 600 rpms higher than the low spin version. That is a large number of rpms when we talk about optimum driver rpms being between 2000-3500 depending on swing speed. Which golf ball you play is the most important piece of information you can give your club fitter.

Do you have to spend a lot of money to be fit?

The short answer is no! With modern day golf clubs, almost every fit I do the clubs are custom made with no up-charge. The most common exception I get is a person prefers one type of grip over another. Unless you are a highly competitive golfer, you rarely need 14 golf clubs in your bag. Most of the time we fit players for 11-13 clubs depending on swing speed. You need to swing the golf club at a high rate of speed in order to get proper gaping and need all 14 clubs. With us reducing the amount of clubs you have in your bag, your decision making becomes simpler and you are spending less money on golf clubs. Most places do have a club fitting fee, but in our instance we refund the fitting fee if you purchase clubs after the fitting.

What can you expect after you are properly fit?

You should expect a set of golf clubs that you have full confidence in. These clubs are custom fit for you and your golf game. You should have proper gaping throughout the set, so you will not have two clubs going the same distance. When you make a great swing and feel solid contact the ball goes where it is suppose to go. Lastly, the sweet-spot of the golf club just grew making your slight mishits go closer to the target. A golf club that is not properly fit reduces the effective sweet-spot and increases the side-spin orientation of the golf ball. The bottom line you should expect your misses to be considerably better, and your distance control should improve as well.

Let me be clear, properly fit golf clubs do not replace golf lessons. I do ask if you have intentions of getting golf lessons as that will slightly change the way I approach the lesson. As a fitter I ask myself one question each time: Am I fitting to correct a swing flaw? or Am I fitting to where this player is going to be in 6 months?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me through this site and I would be happy to answer any or all your questions.

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